Aug 3, 2020

Joe Biden to choose VP in new season of ‘The Bachelor’


ILMINGTON, DEL. — This summer, a new season of ABC’s The Bachelor – the reality television program famous for a science-driven approach that results in perfect matches up to 11% of the time – will feature presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and a celebrity-laden cast of women looking to catch his eye and be awarded the coveted red rose. 

At 77 years old, the former vice president is more than twice as old as the oldest previous Bachelor star, but audiences will nonetheless be on the edge of their seats as he meets and greets the powerful women seeking to be his running mate and night nurse ahead of the 2020 election. 

“We’ve never seen a crop of contestants like this before,” said Wolf Blitzer, who will be spearheading CNN’s unprecedented coverage of this groundbreaking new season of reality television. “You’ve got Elizabeth Warren, the bright, spunky Native American with a heart of gold. There’s Kamala Harris, the ambitious backstabber with a heart of steel. We’ve got Tammy Duckworth, the scrappy military vet with a heart of purple. You can’t forget Susan Rice, who we’ve been assured is a real person, though no one has ever seen her in public. And of course there’s Karen Bass, who you’d never heard of until you found out that she’s the only non-scientologist who’s ever said something nice about scientology.”

Unlike in past seasons of The Bachelor, Biden is not expected to narrow down the field progressively until he arrives at a decision. Instead, he plans to keep all five women within sniffing distance until the very last moment.

[Photo by Gage Skidmore]